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What Is Online Coaching?

Online personal training is a complete coaching system where I will manage all aspects of your exercise programming, nutrition plan, progress, results tracking and anything else that is necessary for you to get to your goal.

You will simply complete your personalized training program sessions, use the personalized nutrition guidelines and log your results to a shared document which only you and I can see using either a computer or your smartphone.

Your nutrition and training plans will be customized to you and adjusted on the fly to evolve with you, matching your changing life circumstances.  You will be training in your own time in your own gym but will be held accountable for getting the prescribed number of sessions completed each week.

How Does It Work?

After an initial free consultation, I will draw up a personalized training program for you and we’ll establish one small nutritional habit to incorporate as a starting point.  New habits will be added once you’ve found the previous ones easy to follow, until we arrive at a system that gives you the results you need.

As mentioned, you will complete the training sessions on your own and fill in the results to a shared document that only you and I can see.  You can email or text me a question any time, or even video yourself doing an exercise and send it to me to check your technique.

Online personal training removes the guesswork of going it alone and gives you the support and resources to reach your goal faster.

There Are 3 Pillars To My Coaching…


In the society we live in today, most people are sedentary and don’t get enough physical activity in their lives.  By formulating an exercise plan that takes into account your skill and fitness level, you’ll also benefit from being able to train at your own gym and on your own time schedule.


When it comes to weight management, nutrition is far more important than exercise however it’s also more difficult to get under control.  By evaluating your current eating behaviours, we’ll implement progressive changes that you can sustain with ease.  Over time these changes will produce results that you can maintain for a long time.


This is the most challenging element of all.  There will be times where self doubt and unsolicited advice will attempt to persuade you to give up and try something different.  By providing you with accountability and support to work through these difficult periods, you will build solid habits that will keep you on track.

What Previous Clients Have Said…

“I couldn’t have done it on my own”

“I’ve been with Ben for about 4 months now and my time with Ben has been very successful.  I’ve lost about 30 centimetres off my body and over 7 kilos.  One thing that Ben’s really helped me with, is stick to my goals.  His efforts with me with the gym and away from the gym has helped me keep at my goals and make sure that I succeed.  He’s very dedicated and I’d like to thank Ben very much for the time I’ve had with him.  I couldn’t have done it on my own.  Thanks Ben!”

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