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In order to reach your destination, you need to look after your body.  By exercising on a regular basis, your body rewards you with attributes such as increased energy, greater focus and improved strength.  We’ll have a look at your current lifestyle and work schedule to design a plan that works for you. 


When it comes to weight management and overall health, nutrition is where we’ll need to focus our efforts.  We’ll evaluate your current eating behaviors and make a plan to adapt certain habits.  Changing your habits over time not only gets you to your desired result, it also means you can maintain it as well.


This is the most challenging element of all.  You’ve probably experienced times where self doubt and unsolicited advice distracted you from finishing what you set out to do.  We’ll work on that self doubt together and put a plan in place to minimize it’s effects along your journey.

What Previous Clients Have Said…

“I couldn’t have done it on my own”

“I’ve been with Ben for about 4 months now and my time with Ben has been very successful.  I’ve lost about 30 centimetres off my body and over 7 kilos.  One thing that Ben’s really helped me with, is stick to my goals.  His efforts with me with the gym and away from the gym has helped me keep at my goals and make sure that I succeed.  He’s very dedicated and I’d like to thank Ben very much for the time I’ve had with him.  I couldn’t have done it on my own.  Thanks Ben!”

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