The Australian weight loss industry is a multi million dollar industry that’s supposed to be focused on helping people overcome their weight loss challenges.  However, the rates of obesity in our country have been steadily rising despite this. In 2017-2018, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey reported that the number of Australian adults that were overweight had increased by 63.4% from figures in 2014-2015.  Now, approximately two thirds of Australian adults are reported to be overweight or obese… that’s around 12.5 million people!!! So what’s going wrong???


Society today is a lot more fast paced than say 5 years ago and people have been conditioned to expect speed and efficiency in all areas of their lives.  People are working longer hours and their work-life balance is getting harder to manage, leading many to neglect their health and nutrition. I’ve been a victim of this too.  Even though I’m a personal trainer and I’m responsible for helping people stay on track with their exercise and nutrition goals, I often have times where I struggle managing my own work-life balance.   I get stressed and let myself make up excuses about why I can’t exercise, I justify the reasons why I choose convenience foods over eating proper whole foods, I neglect my own needs in order to finish things that I need to get done.  And then, one day I look in the mirror in horror at all the excess body fat I’ve accumulated and vow to finally do something about it … sound familiar?


I get it, you’re busy and it’s hard to manage everything.  You just need some help to get rid of the excess weight and you’ll be right.  So when you see an advert for a quick and easy way to lose weight, you may be tempted to check it out, in the hopes that it might be a magic bullet to ease your troubles.  However it’s a trap. There is no quick and easy magic bullet. It’s a myth, carefully created by marketers to influence you to buy their products. They prey on the fact that you’re busy and don’t have the time to do some research into it.  Because if you did, you would steer well clear of these companies claiming quick and easy results.


The principle of weight loss has been around for over 4 decades now, and it all revolves around energy balance.  Consume more energy than your body uses and over time you’ll gain weight. Use more energy than you take in and over time you’ll lose weight.  It’s really that simple. However, we’re impatient. We want things to happen now. We’re so used to putting in a little bit of effort and getting some sort of gratification from it that we expect weight loss to be just as easy.  That’s the reason so many people fall victim to crazy diets and wasting their money on expensive weight loss supplements. They are tricked into believing that there is a quick and easy way out of their troubles. For the majority of these people, they end up in a cycle of putting weight on, losing a little bit of weight for a few weeks and then putting on more weight afterwards.


If this sounds like you and you want to get out of the cycle, there is one important quality you need to develop – consistency.  Consistency is the act of doing something a certain way for a prolonged period of time. If you make a commitment and stay consistent with your actions towards losing weight, you’re guaranteed to get to your goal.  It’s almost impossible to fail if you stay committed and consistent for long enough.


There are many ways to develop your consistency and most of them involve removing the option for you to back out of doing what you say you’re going to do.  Take the time at the beginning of the week to plan out when you’re going to do things such as going to the gym or cooking, etc. Schedule specific times that you’re going to do these things and make sure you do them no matter what.  You may not feel like it when the time comes but force yourself to do it. It’s going to be difficult at the beginning but once you get into a steady routine, it’ll get much easier to keep going.


Prepare for your tasks in advance.  You might have heard about food prepping where you cook a big batch of meals and store them in the fridge for use later in the week, however you can also do simple things like pack your gym clothes in your bag the night before so they’re ready to go.


Use a calendar to start a chain of red X’s.  Grab a calendar and use a red marker to cross off days that you’ve completed your consistent actions.  For example, if you wanted to be more consistent with drinking water, each day that you drink over 2L, cross off the box corresponding to that date and repeat.  Eventually you’ll have created a string of red X’s on your calendar that you won’t want to break. Use your OCD to your advantage.


Get an accountability partner.  It’s easy to let yourself off the hook when you only have yourself to answer to.  But when you need to report back to someone else, you’ll find that the excuses you give yourself won’t cut it anymore.  Choose an accountability partner that will support you through the good times as well as the bad.


Losing weight isn’t as complicated as you think it is.  Maintaining a caloric deficit is the surefire way to achieve this.  If you’re unsure how to get into a caloric deficit, I’ve made a free e-book for you to download – “The Calorie Deficit Blueprint : 5 steps to getting lean without spending a fortune on weight loss supplements”.  To get your copy, click the link below:


The Calorie Deficit Blueprint


That’s it for now, til next time, stay consistent


Kind Regards