Most people who are looking to lose weight eventually run into the same roadblock during their journey.  And the way they deal with that roadblock, determines whether or not they succeed in reaching their goals.  What I’m talking about is patience, or the lack of it, which is preventing people from achieving what they set out to accomplish.  Let’s take Brad as an example:


Brad is a 32 year old electrician who is married and has two young boys aged 4 and 7.  A typical day for Brad starts when his phone alarm jolts him awake at 4:30 in the morning and he drags himself out of bed.  He’s usually too tired to make himself breakfast, so he stops by the local deli before work to grab a sausage roll and an iced coffee.  By the time lunch time comes round, he’s starving and the other boys at work are heading to KFC, so he joins them and grabs a 3 piece feed with a Pepsi to wash it all down.  After a long day’s work, he gets home and collapses on the couch with a couple of ice cold beers before dinner, where he helps himself to an additional portion of roast potatoes.  After 5 years of these typical work days, it’s no surprise that Brad has put on some extra weight around the midsection. One day he decides that enough is enough, kicking the footy around with the kids on the weekend leaves him gasping for breath, getting up and down ladders at work has become a lot more tiring and this will be the 3rd time in the space of 8 months he’s had to buy bigger sized pants.  


Like many others, Brad joins the gym and sets out to lose the extra weight.  He’d seen transformational photos of people on Facebook losing more than 10kg in 2 months and thought that if they could do it, he should be able to do it too.  He starts off with a weights program 3 times a week as well as half an hour of cardio and substitutes a roast beef roll for lunch instead of getting KFC or McDonalds.  He also strives to cut down on his alcohol, trying to only have one beer after work instead of 3 or 4. Things are looking good so far and the first couple of days are tough mentally, but he manages to push through.  One week passes and Brad steps on the bathroom scales, expecting to see some sort of reward for his hard work… but there’s no change in his weight. His face drops and he stares at the scales in disbelief. How could he not have lost anything???  He’d been craving McDonalds all week but forced himself to get Subway and other “healthier” options, and although he didn’t stick to his one beer a day, at least he was having less than his usual 4, so that should count for something right? Still determined to lose the weight, he decides to give it another week, even skipping breakfast altogether so he can cut down on his calories.  Another week passes and Brad steps on the bathroom scales… 0.2kg down from last week. Wow. All this effort only to have lost 200 grams. Brad still wants to lose the weight but now he’s disheartened and his motivation levels have taken a hit. Another week passes by and although he’s skipped a workout and had McDonalds twice, he tells himself that at least he’s still managing to cut back on the beers.  Jumping onto the scales again, there is no change in weight for this week. Brad gets fed up and is ready to try something else.


Does Brad’s story sound familiar?  We’ve all been there, we try to lose weight, get all excited, do what we say we’re going to do for the first week, but then get discouraged by our progress after only a short amount of time.  Flicking through social media, we’re constantly bombarded with pictures of toned and tanned fitness models promising quick results with minimal effort. Add in the fast paced nature of today’s society with everything being available to us quicker and easier, we actually believe the lies these people tell us.  However, the truth of the matter is, weight loss is a long journey. It takes time to build up a collection of good habits. It takes time to replace all the bad habits. It takes time for the body to repair itself, and it takes time to lose the weight that we’ve built up over several years. The most important thing you need to do for weight loss is to stay consistent with whatever strategy you’re using and be patient.  


At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what strategy you use.  Sure, there are methods that will make it easier to keep the weight off in the future but most weight loss strategies will work if you just stay consistent and be patient.  Don’t switch the new exercise program after 2 weeks just because you haven’t lost any weight yet, don’t give up on the new diet after 3 weeks just because you had a couple of slices of pizza over the weekend, don’t get discouraged that you’re not seeing results after 3 weeks when it’s taken you 5 years to put on the excess weight in the first place.  Your only job should be to get back on track as soon as you can and keep trying to improve.


If you want to work with me to get the support and accountability you know you need, email me at and let me know what you’re struggling with.  If I feel I can genuinely help you, I’ll set up a phone call where we can have a chat to see how we can best proceed.


Til next time

Stay consistent