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Alan Thomas

Alan initially came to me wanting to lose weight.  He’d previously been on a very aggressive diet and had some success. However, his body had adapted to the low calories and his weight loss plateaued.  After finding out that he was sometimes eating less than 1000 Calories per day, my first priority was to get Alan eating more to sustain his normal body functions.  Next, I got Alan onto a strength program to build a solid foundation and get him excited about going to the gym. Several months later, Alan is an avid gym goer, is confident enough to take his shirt off at the beach and has bought new gym clothes because the old ones became too baggy.  Check out his testimonial.

Amie MacDonald

Amie did an 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge with me and got some great results. Losing just under 10cm in total from her chest, hips and waist, she also lost 2.6kg over the 8 week period. Amie had been a regular gym goer for a while but didn’t really know how to realise her goals of improving her upper body strength and relieving the pain in her hip from a previous injury.  By working through a strength based exercise program that I customised for her, she improved her push-up strength and can finally squat without any pain in her hips.  By keeping a food diary, increasing her protein intake and being accountable to me over the 8 weeks, her quality of food also increased resulting in the great results that she achieved.  Check out her testimonial.

Amanda Condo

Amanda initially came to me wanting to lose weight. She had previously lost some weight by restricting her calories to a very low level but she needed help because she had put all the weight back on.  At the time, Amanda worked a stressful job and was dealing with the additional stress of a family member’s new baby.  That stress combined with her tendency to eat a lot of carbohydrate rich foods were the factors we identified needed attention. She had previously been doing some circuit style training but hadn’t seen much progress so I got her onto a strength program with higher intensity and since joining me, she’s lost close to 30cms in body circumference measurements and has seen marked improvement on the frequency of her lower back pain.  Check out her testimonial.

Jackie Wong

Jackie came to me a few months after her pregnancy with a warning from her doctor saying she was at risk of getting type 2 diabetes if she didn’t get the weight down.  After finding out that her diet consisted of a lot of traditional Asian styled meals containing rice and noodles, I educated her to increase the amount of protein and decrease the amount of carbohydrates for each meal.  Next, I got her onto a strength based exercise program with some circuit work every once in a while to keep her fitness levels up.  3 months later, she’s dropped 3kg of body fat and gained 1kg of lean muscle.  Steering clear of type 2 diabetes, she’s now educated enough on nutrition to pick and choose what she eats around her busy schedule as a manager for the gym.  Check out her testimonial.

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